Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hiding a Z'

Just five days ago I posted about results on how the Higgs Boson decayed, and suggested extra pairs of vector like quarks to make the photon signal match. Since then a paper by Radovan Dermisek, Sung-Gi Kim, Aditi Raval has come out showing that a Z' hiding very near in mass to the standard models Z (the neutral particle of the weak force), solves the problem of the forward backward asymmetry in bottom quark creation. The Z' is around 92.5 GeV (just 1GeV more missing than the ordinary Z), interacts with right handed button quarks, and vector like heavy down quarks. Such a particles seem to fit all existing measurement, and improve the fit for forward backward asymmetry, they also need a 0.005 coupling to left handed electron to fit data.

I'm liking this because I need the extra pair of quarks if the axial force is going to exist. When a proton reversing its spin, it axial force charge shouldn't reverse, and that means its right handed version at the same mass can't be the ordinary P reversed quark. That P reverse quark must also exist though and have a different mass. The Higgs decay signal and confirmation of the Z' boson, then are very helpful to the idea of an axial force.

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