Saturday, 6 September 2008

Varing nuclear decay rates and other strangeness

Here's a strange result, a paper recently sent to ArXiv (which I couldn't call published), Do nuclear decay rates depend on our distance from the sun?. Has found a very curious thing, that nuclear beta and alpha
decays rates seem to vary with our distance from the sun. This of course is completely contrary to standard quantum mechanic which predict that decay rates are constant and
random. The statistics look good but the phase seems slightly different to earth sun distance. There is a strong annular modulation though. If this isn't just an experimental artifact, (and I suspect most physics will call it one, and ignore it). Then what is it. One suggest is that is an interaction will the solar neutrino flux, which might just fit my theory of an axial force. Perphaps, but I'm not willing to use such strange results to justify the axial force. I'd probably have more luck using orgone energy to justify the axial force, why not orgone energy comes in two types, one which flows in metals and one that flows in organics. The seems is true of the axial neutrino current, the anti-neutrino current lives in hydrogen rich materials, while an neutrino current lives in neutron rich (heavy elements like metal) materials. So there you are the axial force explains orgone energy. By connecting a pseudo-science theory to my well formed but unproven scientific theory, I've probably destroyed all my credibility, but never mind, at least I'll get free publicity from all the orgone crystal sellers.