Saturday, 25 July 2009


One of my many shames is that my paper was never excepted at arXiv the worlds main physics pre-print archives at Los Alamos. ArXiv requires that some already excepted author, endorses your paper before it can be excepted. I'm not a member of any university, and its been quite a few year since I have been. I tried but failed to get an endorsement from the net. The only place that did take my paper, was the Independent Research Forum at the Physics Forums. But new independent pre-print archive has openned up: Vixra, deliberately named as Arxiv backwards, Vixra doesn't have any policy on who can post a paper there.

I'm quite proud that my paper is actually first on the list of all particle physics papers they, which should be some claim to fame. The standard of articles don't look as good as Arxiv, you might well assume that many of the papers there are outside the mainstream. Vixra has only been open for a little while, so its too early to conclude on the standard of paper there. But lets hope it bring new life the amateur and semiprofessional science.