Sunday, 24 February 2008

Progress and aligned galaxies

About three months since i last posted to the blog. Meanwhile i've submitted the theory of the neutrinos axial force to one of Elsevier's journals. Where its been sitting under review for the nearly as long. I've been busy on a computer project. But recently another astrophysics observations, which ordinary physics has difficultly explaining, have come to my attention.

The first is spin alignment in distant galaxies. Galaxies all have definite rotational velocity, But it seem there is an axis of alignment, a particular plane in which far more of the galaxies seem to be rotating in one direction then the other. See, Goodness in the axis of evil and, Evidence for a prefered handedness of spiral galaxies.

So can the axial force help explain these mystery, maybe if two problems can be solved. Firstly axi-magnetic field has to travel over galactic distances, despite
the neutrino plasma, normally a plasma will screen out any magnetic field. I'll need to see if there anything special about a neutrino plasma which might be diferent at the time galaxies where forming. Secondly i need to see how the axial force might effect collapse gas. So a project for the future.