Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Axial force the lost years

The key discoveries in the Axial force actually where done in time period 1970 to 1990, the period before the Internet and exist on paper in science libraries for journals at the time.So when I wrote a paper on the Axial force, it ended up in Vixra the crank science Internet library, because not one person would give me an endorsement for using ArXiv's the mainstream science internet library. Somewhere in lost papers lives or dies the reasons thought at the time, why and axial can't exist. It cannot exist between electrons because of the Axial Anomaly as calculate by Alder. I think it can exist because its adds symmetry, and allows us to explain several so far unexplained facts. John Ellis (Current Head of Cern) paper, think it could exists between neutrinos with a Lifshifz factor fixing a background metric to explain why neutrino travel faster than light. An axial force may exists weather or not neutrino travel faster than light. Somewhere in does Journal are a few papers on the neutrinos with or without an Axial force. I'm going to have to rejoin the British Library to get access to the journals at the time, and scan them onto camera, read them there, to know the thinking on the Axial force from that time period.

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