Monday, 10 November 2008


For anyone following the paper. I have to let know, that is been rejected. Here's
what the review said.

Reviewer #1: The paper investigates the possible existence of a fifth force acting on neutrinos and quarks, generated by a U(1) axial gauge symmetry. It also discusses its implications for dark energy, heating of solar corona, and links to the Tajmar experiment.

In doing so, the author integrates several topics, which however are not appropriately investigated. The model is not well-motivated, has many ad hoc hypotheses, and has to become very complicated in order to fit observations, already at the qualitative level; additional heavy quark states with a mass that changes at high pressure have to be added,
together with a dense sea of neutrinos with low mass right-handed neutrino states. The discussion remains too generic,the feasibility of the construction is not proven in a concrete way, and the many elements added in a rather arbitrary way, reduce predictivity.

There's lot of point there, and I have to concede that there not unfounded, leaving the
question, should I give up on the idea? Is it definitely wrong? Or is the paper rewritable? Giving the idea of the U(1) axial as constructed, I can't see anyway around the neutrino sea nor around having the additional heavy quark state, if those are too much for a publisher to believe, then I've have to let the theory rest, until I can find any evidence of either. One thing I could have done is look in detail at where that idea the heavy quark states, can explain the low mass scalar quark states, like the sigma (555). Of course there I'd be directly against the standard Linear sigma model of QCD, and unlikely to be regarded well by the QCD community. The was also lot to be said about my writing style, and the paper could be much better writing, but if the idea is a step to far, then there's little point.

So, this is what i'll do, let it theory lie, concentrate on my web business, but continue to post, my ideas here, when I have them.

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