Thursday, 13 March 2008

CLEO at CERN and a strangely charmed decay

There aren't many observation that contradict the standard model, and finding one that matching your own theory is always a very nice boost for any theory. The CLEO collibration at CERN has just found an excess in leptonic decays of the D_s mesons. These are rare mesons that are made of both charm and stange quarks (one is an anti quark of course).

I found a paper on a peculiar result from CLEO in D_s, (charm, anti-strange mesons) decay, D_s -> muon + (anti) muon neutrino, with a 3.8-sigma increase in decay rate over that predicted by the standard model. Accumulating evidence for nonstandard leptonic decays of D_s mesons, The muon decay is supressed by helicity by around a factor of 2.8*10^-3. This gives room, for my axial force to explain the results, by a helical flipping some neutrinos some of the time. I need the axial force constant to be 1/17 of the electric force at the 2GeV energy scale, to explain the results. This looks easily enough for it to run to, compared with 1/60 of electric force, at low energy when the neutrino are so light. This possible spot of evidence, might be worth a paper, if i can drum up any interest in my model.

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